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Let's turn your business
into a brand that people talk about

Crombie Consulting has over 25 years of experience building distinctive brands and can create a distinctive branding strategy for your business to attract customers and investors alike.

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“a key enabler in our success. 
Would highly recommend.”


“never seen such an immense depth and ability in creating winning brand strategies.”

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“a valuable partner for any organisation looking for fresh thinking”

Making brands famous
for over 25 years

Andrew Crombie - Brand Strategy Expert

Andrew Crombie

Your Leading Strategist

  • LinkedIn
  • Over 25 years leading global brands and running international branding and design consultancies

  • Unmatched experience across almost all business categories in both B2B & B2C

  • The thinker behind some of the world’s favourite brands and some of the most successful start-ups

  • Hands-on on every project to ensure the very best thinking – who you see is who you get

  • Registered Management Consultant, Qualified Company Director, Guest lecturer at NUS Business School, Director of VC company, Media commentator

  • A rare blend of both brand and business acumen that means sensible recommendations and clever solutions

Registered Management Consultant
Singapore Institute of Management Consultants
ISO20700:2017 Award
NUS Business School
Australian Institute of Company Directors

Our Mantra

Distinctive On Purpose

What we believe:

Being the 10000th version of Apple is the definition of brand insanity 

Keep your competitor close and your customer closer (apologies Sun Tzu)

No competitor is resistant to creative thinking and relentless passion

Brands without a clear purpose are like ships without navigation

Distinctive brands are the turbo-chargers of value

There is no B2B or B2C. It’s all B2P (Brand-to-Person). And brands matter for people

What we do:

We create distinctive brands for businesses passionate about improving the ways people can live

Some of the brands we've helped make famous

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A-Star Education
EAST Digital
Glasgow School of Art
Kimberley Kampers
The Master Greening Company
MWAH Plant Based Dairy
Next Gen Foods
Standard Chartered Bank

What people say about us behind our backs


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Our recent brand success stories

From Zero to World Record in just 12 months 

TiNDLE is the ridiculously good chicken made from plants.  It started in 2020, when the founding team approached us with an ambition to become a key player in the world of alternative meats.

After extensive research and analysis, we developed a refreshing brand strategy and guided the development of their name, brand identity, market entry and retail strategies.

The rest is history. TiNDLE set world record for its Seed and Series A funding rounds of US130m and has since expanded into the US, UK, Germany, Holland and across Asia with more than 1500 restaurants and over 7000 retail outlets after just 12 months since launch and many more coming soon.


That’s not just good. It’s Ridiculously Good.

TiNDLE video

Sold before it even launched its first product

Mwah! video

Eating Mwah! is the most pleasure you can have in public.

This gelato gives the creamiest, most orgasmoleptic experience that you’ll feel down to your toes. It’s a dairy-inspired sensation that just happens to be made from plants.

We have been on this short journey since its start in 2021. We created the brand strategy and guided the brand and packaging design, and product naming.

The whole brand offer is so strong, the company was bought even before the launch of the first product.

Sure, the product is excellent but that’s the power of the brands we create.

We are guiding the brand for its new owners. So, start your licking practice now because it won’t be long till it’s available near you. Mwah!

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